Stamp Duty

Stamp duty on purchase of First Property

Review of stamp duty exemption for the purchase of first residential property

Currently, the purchase of first residential property is given 50% stamp duty exemption. This exemption is on the instrument of transfer and instrument of loan agreement.

Stamp duty exemption is given on the purchase of first residential property not exceeding RM350,000 by Malaysians and claimed only once. The first residential property is where an individual who does not own any residential property (or a part of a residential property jointly owned) in his name when applying for stamp duty exemption.

Residential property includes a terrace house, condominium, apartment or flat.

To further reduce the cost of owning the first residential property, it is proposed that the above stamp duty exemption be extended to 31 December 2014 and the qualifying price of the residential property be raised to not exceeding RM400,000.

Effective date: For sales and purchase agreement executed from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2014


Stamp Duty on Loan Agreement

Any Amount = 0.5%


Stamp Duty on Sales & Purchase Agreement

Up to RM 100,000 = 1%

Next RM 100,001 – RM 500,000 = 2%

Next RM 500,001 – RM 2,000,000= 3%

Above RM 2,000,000 = 4%



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